Seagate GoFlex Satellite

A WiFi-enabled hard drive serving computers and mobile devices alike


Launching today, the new GoFlex Satellite wireless hard drive from Seagate enables users to wirelessly stream movies, music, photos, and documents directly to their mobile device or computer. While the drive comes with a companion app, it also works seamlessly through any web browser. Five hundred GB of storage, up to five hours of streaming battery life and the ability to serve content to multiple connected devices at once make this hard drive great for families and workgroups alike.

The beauty of the GoFlex Satellite is that it creates its own Wi-Fi network, so there’s no outside internet source required, allowing users to connect to their media wherever they may find themselves. Just set your network to “GoFlex Satellite” and type in any URL to be automatically redirected to the GoFlex Satellite media browser, once there you’re set to browse all of your media freely. Plus, with a range of 150 feet, you’re welcome to move about freely without being tethered to the satellite itself.

To help make everything run more smoothly Seagate offers a free app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The GoFlex Media app makes for an easy, user-friendly way to browse your media library by category or keyword search. To load to the Satellite, you can connect it to a computer like any other hard drive using USB.


Selling for a respectable $200 the GoFlex Satellite comes with a 3 year warranty and both wall and car chargers that while not in use can charge your USB compatible smartphone as well. Take a look at Seagate’s wheretobuy search to find one for yourself.