Sigma DP2 Digital Camera


For those who want the quality of a DSLR in the size of a point-and-shoot, the Sigma DP2 recently emerged as a powerful new competitor on the scene. While small digital cameras have made it easier to perfectly capture moments through rapid fire shooting and seemingly infinite capacity, their inferior lens speed and sensor size often result in fuzzy or blurry images.

Focused on quality, the Sigma DP2 features an f2.8 lens and 2.85cm sensor, enabling image capturing at brilliant quality in a package significantly smaller and lighter than a DSLR. The Sigma DP2 requires the deliberation of a true artist, however; compared to the competition the auto-focus is slow and demands considered composition. There is also a manual focus wheel alternative for those who want utmost control in their artistry. For these reasons I liken the Sigma DP2 to an old-school, film-based range finder camera.


The Sigma DP2 sells for $650 through Adorama.