Smart Booo Wireless Light Dimmer

The pebble-sized switch reimagines the way we interact with household lighting


As the internet of things as a concept continues to materialize, more and more smart products for the home are introduced. Some are born out of necessity, while others seem to simply exist for fun and to push the space further. The Smart Booo lands in both categories. Shaped like a pebble and about the size of your palm, the playful device from Dutch design studio Booo connects with any of the brand’s existing lamp designs out of the box, acting as a remote control. Select the desired lamp by placing the Smart Booo in the lamp’s vicinity, then place it on any surface and turn the light on or off with the tap of your hand. Dim the glow to your desired hue by simply rotating it in space.


To make the Smart Booo more universal, the team’s designers have a created an adaptable plug as well. This little device slides into the socket ahead of your original lamp, making it compatible with the intelligent dimmer. The Smart Booo will be available to both North American and European markets in early 2015 for roughly $130. Visit Booo online for more info.

Images courtesy of Booo