One app for tracking and mapping speed, mountain conditions and all your friends

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While there are a few different apps for obsessed skiers and snowboarders to track their speed, distance and altitude or follow weather conditions, Snocru goes one step further to unite your pack so you can keep track of all that—and each other.

Launched in 2010 and continuously updated with an increasing array of social sharing and tech features, Snocru came in quite handy on a recent ski trip to Aspen/Snowmass. With a gang of 15 friends skiing and riding at various levels—experts hiking the breathtaking vistas of Highlands Bowl, a chill bunch splitting time between High Alpine and Elk Camp and the beginners skiing the greens with instructors—Snocru kept us both connected and competitive. The GPS-based satellite map shows your friends’ locations on the mountain for easy trail meet-ups, and the latest update to the app—which launches today—includes a feature allowing users to share their track stats on Facebook and Twitter.

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The social element to Snocru features a newsfeed to which you can publish status updates and include pictures from your adventures. When you opt to share a photo on Facebook, it is automatically added to a dedicated Snocru album for easy consolidation and a built-in trip album. Other ways to connect include gathering badges for resort check-ins and apres action and high-fiving cru-members’ status updates. For yourself, Snocru allows users to save their tracks and record resort check-ins with details on conditions and stats to preserve the memory of a legendary day on the slopes.

We spoke to Snocru founder Ed Lewis about what’s next for the already beloved app, and besides increasing the levels of connectivity among members as the network grows, we were excited by the prospect of “Day Cru”—essentially, a smaller group of fellow skiers and riders you can pull together on the fly. As a veteran skier and a new snowboarder, Lewis has effectively parlayed a personal passion into a useful tool for his fellow shredders.

For the remaining few weeks of spring skiing in the Northern hemisphere—not to mention the ability to hijack the app’s capabilities for any kind of outdoor sports with a need for speed—the latest Snocru build is now available for free from the iTunes store. For a tutorial on how the app works, watch the video.

Images courtesy of Snocru