Sonos + Google’s Brilliant Sound Experience

Three multi-sensory installations dissect sound with light and color

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To highlight the integration of Google Assistant into products from home audio leader Sonos, both companies have collaborated on a New York City pop-up experience that aims to emphasize the power and nuance of sound. Unlike other brand-driven immersive destinations, “The Brilliant Sound Experience” has a sonic mission, first and foremost. Guests test out Google Assistant’s impact in audio booths before slinking through three rooms of sound dissection—where visualization couples with a whopping eight Sonos Amps, nine Sonos Ones and 35 Sonos Play:5s.

These rooms rise above selfie-stations. Yes, the first does stun with its use of 1,720 globes of light set on 236 strands; but its mission is to pull the track “Eternal” by Holly Herndon into its parts and assign movement through the lights to each sonic component. The second room also divides a track, “RYLAN” from The National, into its instrumental and vocal channels, affixing them to glowing geometric forms. The most important room, however, is the third and final, where sensors are strapped to guests foreheads—allowing for large-scale visualization of their emotions during a listening session. Sound experience is an appropriate title for the limited event, because it’s driven by the need to express to listeners the value of every note in a song.

The Brilliant Sound Experience” runs 7-10 June from 10AM to 8PM. Pre-reserved tickets are sold out, but walk-ups will be accepted on a limited basis. Anyone can hang out in the Sound Lounge to test Google Assistant on Sonos for themselves.

Images courtesy of Sonos