SpaBerry Portable Hot Tub


Built for two, SpaBerry portable hot tub encourages on-the-go fun with its simple construction and easy break-down. Whether its in a living room or al fresco, Spaberry brings a pampered lifestyle to anywhere with water (a garden hose will do) and a 110V power outlet. Features like a cascading waterfall, massaging jets and drink holders all make for the ultimate in comfort or romance.

The 240-pound customizable acrylic shell comes in in five solid colors or ten BerryWraps, boasting picturesque scenes of of the outdoors like rainforests and beaches. For a more personal alternative, Spaberry also will wrap the tub in an image of your choosing (see the video).


Based in Canada, the Spaberry is currently available in 10 continental U.S. states or online, for $5,000.