Kinny Stereo Acoustic Guitars



Add new dimensions to guitar recording with Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic guitars, which use two sound holes to create a richer, more dynamic sound. The mammoth design, both intriguing and off-putting, is reminiscent of harp-guitars employed by innovative musicians Andy McKee and Michael Hedges.

The two holes, oddly positioned toward the musician in lieu of his audience, separate the resonant bass tones from the twangy trebles. The result? Amazingly versatile sound capabilities similar to switching pick-ups on an electric. While electrics may produce solid basses and tinny trebles, rarely can they manifest both with the vivid success of the Stereo Acoustic. Tension heads mounted on the end of the guitar allow for alteration of the instrument's key, further enhancing versatility.

While not very practical for around-the-house guest entertainment, a sound-hole miked Stereo Acoustic is sure to deliver a magically rich recording experience.

The Stereo Acoustic is available, made to order, from Kinny Guitars.

Photos via gizmag.