Super.Fi 5 Noise Isolating Earphone Monitors


Best known as the producer of custom in-ear monitors for professional musicians and sound engineers, Ultimate Ears also makes a line of consumer headphones that employ much of the same technology with a much smaller price tag. The Super.Fi 5 is their latest addition and it continues UE's reputation for dynamic sound and sleek design.

The tiny earphones are decidedly low profile with attractive "liquid silver" housings. Subtle color-coding (the inside of the right phone has a ruby tint) enables the user to immediately distinguish the right from left without searching for miniscule lettering. To ensure a proper fit, the Super.Fi 5 comes with a wide range of ear tips. There are three different sizes of silicon pairs, as well as a couple pairs of foam ear tips designed by ultimate_ears2.jpg


The sound is equally impressive. The snug-fitting eartips work like earplugs, allowing nothing but the music to get through. The first product on the market with a Top Fire armature speaker design, they deliver enhanced, detailed sound in one of the market's smallest housing. It has a particularly good bass response, too, which is a tall order for in-ear headphones. The low end is always pronounced, but never aggressive.

Released alongside the 5 is the Amazon.

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