A smooth "open sesame" with just your fingerprint

New Toronto-based venture Pishon Labs offers two different padlocks that open with your fingerprint. Built upon a compact Fingerprints Cards AB FPC1020 sensor, the one-touch lock is certainly more convenient, if not faster, than traditional ones that require keys, a combination or even newer smart-locks that pair with phones. It’s also flexible: if you want to share the lock, up to 200 fingerprints can be remembered and there’s also the ability to customize access according to time, location and duration. We’ll stick to heftier chain locks to protect valuables, but can see the potential in this prototype for moments where convenience outweighs peace of mind, like gym lockers, a backpack, etc.

The TappLock ($49) and traveler-friendly TappLock Lite ($39) can be pre-ordered in the last minutes of their Indiegogo campaign; the main difference between the two are batteries and battery life. The former has a rechargeable lithium ion battery lasting up to three years; the Lite version uses two replaceable coin cell batteries, which last up to six months. Expected delivery is by November 2016.

Images courtesy of TappLock