The First 3D-Printed Two-Story Home in the US

New York design firm Hannah, Germany-based company Peri 3D Construction, and Texas engineering and construction firm Cive have partnered to create the first 3D-printed two-story home in the US—currently being built in Houston. The 4,000-square-foot, three-bedroom property will serve as a case study on how to best streamline 3D-printed construction, test the capabilities of the machine and learn how materials hold up under different conditions. The feat makes strides in the nearly decade-long survey of using printing technology to build houses that, in comparison to concrete, are cheaper to make and more resilient in the face of natural disasters. “The printer doesn’t care if you print the same chair 100 times or you print 100 different chairs,” says Leslie Lok, a co-founder of Hannah. “This opens up the possibility of how we can actually offer customized design for the users, whether it’s a single-family house or whether it’s a multifamily building or apartment.” Learn more about the project and the benefits of 3D printing at NPR.

Image courtesy of Hannah