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The Sims Comes to TV With a Creativity-Focused Competition Series

Debuting Friday, 17 July on TBS, The Sims Spark’d is a game show centered around the popular Electronic Arts video game The Sims. Within, human contestants (mostly in their 20s) will be tasked with challenges like “design two rival families from different neighborhoods.” The show is an attempt at offering e-sports-focused content that isn’t terribly “hardcore,” meaning there is an emphasis on life beyond the bounds of the given virtual world. Real-life experiences, ideas, and traumas can be lived, explored, and healed through The Sims, where characters are free to express themselves as they wish and live without persecution, judgement, or financial, class or familial restraints. “Honestly, the game was always a therapeutic experience. The show is fun and it’s exciting to host, but there is a deeper meaning that relates to this whole journey of coming out and getting into a place of self-acceptance, not just for me but for a lot of people,” Rayvon Owen, the show’s host, tells The New York Times. Read more there.

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