Tile’s Pro Series of Device Trackers

Two new editions of the handy locator

by Paul Armstrong

Tile—now selling in over 200 countries and locating around two million items per day—wants out of the shadows and into the light. Thus, the tracking brand has created premium lines of their already popular locator, that little white bit of plastic that adorns the insides of certain bags, wallets and phones. Dubbed Sport and Style, the new offerings are for the design-conscious consumer. It’s safe to say these new products are worlds apart, visually, from their previous items.

Made with a dark slate finish, Sport looks rugged and features a strong corner carabiner. Style is satin white with a champagne-gold trim and soft-ridged body. Each design is waterproof and now comes with double the range of earlier versions (200 feet). Both new models are also twice as loud as previous models—important when you are in busier cities. As other members of the community can help to find lost items the range is an important element to Tile’s future.

Tile CEO Mike Farley felt fashion was missing from the range, “Details are important to us. We spent several weeks alone just fine-tuning the badge design so that they had the right look and feel.” Farley also oriented the focus of Tile’s designers on subtle tactile elements, “The choice of materials supports the Pro Series’ premium feel, but we also specifically wanted the texture and material decisions to convey the enhanced durability and hint at the increased functionality.”

The poker-chip-sized devices are simple to set up and feature a “find my phone” option. Double tap the Tile button and your phone will scream for your attention—even when on silent. Google Home and users can also use their devices to find items (Alexa users will also be able to in a few months). Batteries last a year but are replaceable through the reTile program. It’s an incredibly useful product, especially when you consider that the average person spends 60 hours a year looking for things. What you do with the extra time is up to you.

The Tile Pro Series is available on the Tile App for $35 each or for $60 as a pair.

Images courtesy of Tile