Wake Alarm from Tiny Hearts

A new alarm app that attempts making mornings easier


If your natural reaction to the alarm going off is to cause your phone physical harm, Tiny Hearts‘ Wake Alarm could be perfect for you.

Released today, Wake Alarm was created in an attempt to make mornings easier, with an almost completely personalized wake-up call. The alarm has three modes: Slap and Flip, Swipe or Shake. Each mode requires the user to respond differently; from a light tap to switch on snooze, to physically shaking the phone (from easy to hard levels) until the alarm turns off—the latter is intended for those who need a little, or a lot, of extra encouragement to get out of bed.


Not only are the physical modes varied so to are the audio choices, which range from a retro-sounding tune to gentle rain sound effects to “Boot Camp”—which involves voices shouting to get up. Aesthetically, it’s minimalistic and clean—which also means it’s super-easy to use, being a lot less clunky than a lot of other alarm apps.


The Wake Alarm app is available from iTunes for $1.99 (launch sale) or $2.99 (regular) today.

Images by Graham Hiemstra