Sleep Aids for Children

Three kid-friendly devices to help little ones and their parents doze better


As the dark circles under the eyes of most parents will tell you, instilling good moral values is often far less challenging than negotiating the sleep schedules of your little one. Thankfully for children and their minders alike, a few digital devices help tykes who have trouble understand when it’s time to get up and help them sleep in longer.

The Zazoo Photo Clock features both a night and day scene to help children understand when it’s time to get up, before they know how to tell time. At night a starry night image sets the mood for sleeping, and when it’s okay to get out of bed, the day scene appears. A great product that will grow with children, the device helps teach visually for more effective results. It also features an alarm clock, calendar and digital photo frame, has the ability to play mp3s and sells from
Zazoo’s online store
for $90.


A similar product, the OK to Wake alarm clock and nightlight comes with two interchangeable bezels—green antennas or a pink flower—or as a cuddly Owl. The kid-friendly designs help kids understand when it’s time to wake up with an adjustable green glow, and uses sound effects to gently ease them out of sleep, or in the case of the lullaby-playing owl, into sleep. Whether you opt for the more traditional alarm clock look or the bird, they both keep kids in bed by way of simple technology and run $25-30 from American Innovative.

Cloud-b-Sleep-Sheep.jpg oktowakeowl.jpg

Cloud B, like the alarm clock owl, makes sleeping more cozy with a stuffed animal called the Sleep Sheep. Soothing sounds help put children to sleep with options such as a Mother’s Heartbeat, Ocean Surf, Whale Songs and Spring Showers. Two sleep timer options promise to lessen the days of midnight crying by way of this sleep friend. Sleep Sheep sells from Cloud B for $30.

Whether it’s you or your child that needs a better night sleep, these multifunctional products should at least provide a few extra Zs.