Twibfy Image Marketplace

An aesthetically driven platform for finding, organizing, buying and selling quality visual content online


As it stands, when searching for stock photos, publications and the general public have few options for quality, legal images worth publishing. And, as a photographer or artist, there are even fewer ways to combat having your work plagiarized or published without consent—or payment. To combat both these issues, while delivering an attractive platform to discover, share, submit and organize a range of visual content, there is Amsterdam-based start-up Twibfy. Thanks to their recently launched Marketplace, like-minded users can now upload and sell content they’ve created, leaving the legal legwork to Twbify. Think of it as Pinterest meets Shutterstock.


At the moment, Twibfy’s content consists of 90% static images and 10% video. All content uploaded is tagged for key components—color, location, subject, etc. A team of specially selected designers, photographers and artists then approves user submissions, create unique feeds and filter content to ensure images are in fact as described. Thus, the service’s human-vetted search engine is both impressive and seamlessly useful. “With this process we maintain the Twibfy quality and style and we make sure search results are as relevant as possible,” explains Twibfy Founder and Creative Director David Robustelli. Through this, it’s easy to create both public, private and shared mood-boards or simple collections of attractive visual content.


The Martketplace may in fact the biggest game-changer though, as it offers a way for talented people to showcase their work and instantly sell it through a single platform. All the user has to do is upload their image at a decent resolution, set a price and collect a few bucks here and there. On the other end, if an image strikes your fancy, buying content is simple as well; no need to deal with buying credits or confusing legal license jargon, and everything purchased is stored through the Twibfy cloud, making it easy to access on multiple devices.

Our goal is to be the web’s filter for beautiful, inspiring and creative visual content, on one end,” Robustelli says. “On the other end, we want to be a holistic creative marketplace facilitating an environment for photographers who shoot for ‘the love of it’ and providing them a quick way to monetize that what they are already doing.” Visit Twibfy to explore and find out more.

Images courtesy of Twibfy