TYLT Y-Charge and iPhone Case

Two new accessories to keep your gadgets safe, stylish and fully charged up


In a field inundated with options, finding thoughtful and functional smartphone accessories can be an overwhelming task. Any tech-savvy driver will tell you that a dual USB charger is a must-have, filling the void where the cigarette lighter used to be (no one smokes anymore, right?) because it gives you more flexibility to power your devices than brand- or phone-specific options. One of the best we’ve seen recently is the Y-Charge from TYLT. The simple bullet charger will fit into your car’s outlet and provide two USB ports that can charge any USB-powered device. The design’s unique Y shape allows you to charge multiple devices without getting the chords confused or tangled, a nice feature when driver and passenger may want to keep their gadgets separated.

With a sturdy construction and a silicon shell, the device feels good in the hand and is more stylish than your typical charger. The 2.1 and 4.2 amp versions are available in a multitude of colors directly from the TYLT online for $25 and $35 respectively.

We also enjoy the SQRD case, a lightweight silicon shell, which is thin at the sides but gets thicker around the back. The tapered shape keeps with the iPhone’s slim profile but adds a little extra cushioning where needed in case it takes a spill. The SQRD also comes in a variety of fun colors and goes for $30 online.

Image by Greg Stefano