Ventev USB Chargers

Two slim, power-packing options for your mobile battery needs

ventev-usb-1.jpg ventev-usb-2.jpg

In our collective, constant quest to keep all mobile devices charged, CH came across two great options from Ventev that had us super-charged. The company covers all the mobile and wireless bases, from phone accessories and charging packs to wireless infrastructure packages, but their battery and charger combinations are quite handy while also being pretty good looking. The top picks offer one option for car-commuters and one that can meet the needs of everyone, no matter their chosen modes of transportation.

For drivers, the Ventev Powerdash r900 plugs into your car’s DC power port, acting as an in-automobile adapter for any USB powered device, tablets included. Not only is it an ultra-rapid 2.1A port, it’s got one more surprise function: Once you unplug it, the Powerdash r900 still carries three hours worth of emergency talk time through its integrated 900mAh battery. The charger is also slim enough to be carried in a pocket and boasts both short circuit and temperature protection.

For everyone on-the-go, the latest Ventev Powercell 5000 packs a punch. This universal portable battery charger carries 15 hours of additional talk time and can charge two devices simultaneously. Like its aforementioned sister product, the Powercell 5000 has a 2.1A port, capable of charging tablets at their peak rate. It also has a 1A port standard for smartphones. It weighs in at just 5.3 ounces and is slim enough to stow in (most) pockets. Its refined design and orange indicator lights—aligned within the gray non-slip matte finish—deliver a sleek, stylish sensibility.

Ventev Powerdash r900 is available online for $40, while the Ventev Powercell 5000 goes for $55. All cables are sold separately.

Images courtesy of Ventev