Wagner Skis

Supreme custom fits for the extreme skier


In a former gas station, now powered entirely by wind and sun, Pete Wagner and his team create custom skis one pair at a time. Located just outside Telluride, CO, Wagner has been quietly carving out a name for themselves among enthusiasts and professionals alike with their Skier DNA application, a survey ensuring a complete custom fit geared for your ski style and body shape.

To guarantee even greater accuracy, Wagner recently recruited the technology experts at Advanced Racing Computers, a Park City, UT-based firm that created the vLink—a performance measurement tool for ski racers. When attached to a pair of Wagner skis, the vLinks serve as tiny computers recording 6,500 frames per second along X, Y and Z axes, analyzing every aspect of a skier’s form. Storing up to 99 runs of in-depth data, that information is then transmitted wirelessly or downloaded later for Wagner to assess. Combined with the Skier DNA survey, this meticulous evaluation allows Wagner to craft an utterly personal pair of skis adjusted down to details like tail shapes and flex pattern.


Backed by a wide selection of colors, veneers, artist-designed top graphics or the ability to design your own, Wagner is both a brand dedicated to customization and also stands on its own as an expert ski-maker. Currently the Wagner skis kitted with vLinks sell from the Surefoot store in Deer Valley, Colorado. Prices vary.

via EXP