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Griffin teams up with Iceberg Kids on an iPhone case designed for snuggling


Parents tired of telling their children that their iPod
or iPhone
is “not a toy” (when even the toddler knows the truth) should take a look at this $20 plushy accessory. Part protective case, part interactive children’s toy, the Woogie is a sort of “Tickle Me iPhone” that converts devices into virtually indestructible playmates.


Encased in layers of protective padding and large enough that it’ll be hard to misplace, this collaboration by the creators of the Iceberg Reader and Griffin Technology is easy to use and wired for an array of new children’s stories from Iceberg Kids,
guaranteeing that kids won’t lose interest in a hurry. Built-in speakers (powered by AA batteries) and arms that prop it up mean that kids can sit back and enjoy the show.

See the 30-second trailer below to get a taste of what we’re talking about.

Pick up the Woogie direct from Griffin (currently only available to U.S. customers).


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