Video Shopping With YEAY

The new, next-level platform that lets anyone buy and sell products

Sponsored by YEAY

Easy to use and beautifully designed, new app YEAY allows users to sell products, make videos and discover new designers—all with a social layer. With the control in the individual’s hands, discovery is emphasized more than curation by a team or an algorithm deciding what you want to see. Payment and service occurs directly between buyers and sellers, too, meaning there’s now a user-friendly way to interact with others directly. YEAY is a fun destination where people can watch entertaining, funny and sweet short videos about products uploaded by others from all over the world—from apparel to tech to homeware. More than just a shopping platform, YEAY mixes in entertainment and social engagement, making for a more satisfying experience.

The team at YEAY is making two exciting announcements: they are launching the Android version of their app as well as their 2016 video awards.

Encouraging innovation in marketing and filmmaking—and where the two collide—the awards are open now. All entrants need to do is shoot and edit a 10-30 second video focusing on a product you’re selling. If your video is chosen by the panel of judges (one being our co-founder Evan Orensten) and public voting, you will win €6,000 (second prize is €3,000 and third is €1,000).

Registration is open now: just upload a video on the YEAY app and register by 12PM GMT, 31 October 2016.

Download the free YEAY app at the iTunes Store and the Android market.

Images courtesy of YEAY