Zensorium Tinke

Measure stress and wellness right from your iPhone


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how healthy you are at any given moment, you’d benefit from Tinke, a miniature wellness and stress level monitor. The small, ultra-light device plugs right into your iPhone and uses your thumb to measure your current condition including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, heart rhythm and respiratory rate with just one pinch. The little gadget has garnered attention across the web, and we recently got the chance to give it a try. Leaning more toward casually curious than fanatical trackers of personal health, we were impressed both by the device’s ease of use and the app’s interface. To determine each of Tinke’s two wellness metrics—Vita and Zen—the app walks you through two tests while showing dynamic illustrations to encourage steady breathing and consistent thumb pressure. Results are then presented in easy-to-read numbers alongside corresponding graphics to minimize confusion.

Tinke is available in four distinct colorways for $119. Head to Zensorium’s well-designed website for more information and purchasing details.

Image by Graham Hiemstra