Jawbone UP: Now Available

Track and manage your wellness with a stylish bracelet, iPhone app and site


We wrote about the Jawbone UP when it was announced in July, and spoke with designer Yves Behar about its many attributes. The stylish, rechargeable, accelerometer-powered device may not be revolutionary in its abilities, but like the iPhone it has brought everything together in a pretty impressive and accessible package.

The easy-to-wear bracelet keeps track of your activity and sleep, and syncs with an iPhone app and web site to help you better understand and manage your health and wellness by reminding you (with vibration) to get up and stretch or eat something. It also offers programmable challenges—exercising a minimum amount of time per day, for example—and a layer of social sharing and collaboration, similar to those you can use on Nike Plus, for motivation from friends or wellness professionals.

You can see all of the details on the UP at Jawbone, and order it directly for $100. It’s available in several colors, and we anticipate, as with other Jawbone products, that certain retailers may have exclusive colors or limited editions. Retail distribution arrives in the next few days at Apple Stores, Target, Best Buy and AT&T.