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95 Gallery


Head down the alley next to Nort Berlin and you'll find a courtyard that's home to 95 Gallery, a shop and exhibition space that opened just two and a half months ago. Named for the year Nort was first established, the new venue is a collaboration between Nort's owners and Marok, artist and the founding editor of Lodown, who's long wanted a gallery space. The inaugaral show featured Marok's work and currently features the "2nd chapter" (it opened in London first) of Origin of the Species, a series of photos by Nick Walker detailing the layers of paint that build up into psychedelic patterns on spraycan tips (images after the jump). Look out for upcoming shows by 12oz Prophets and WK interact.

On the retail side, 95 stands out for being one of the few Berlin stores that caters to street and skate culture, carrying Nike SB, Supreme (an exclusive in Berlin), and a few of Marok's original designs. After the jump, check out his shirt that translated reads "German American Friendship," referencing the irony of a German anti-American industrial band of the same name.



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