All That Dazzles at the Wynn Macau

The senses are meant to be stimulated in each nook and cranny of the mega-hotel complex

A visit to Macau, the SAR region of China more widely known as the Las Vegas of the East, isn’t complete without having all of the senses overwhelmed at once. And with mega hotel-casino complexes competing with one another to entice new visitors (and card players), these experiences aren’t hard to come by—think the world’s largest rooftop wave pool at the Galaxy Macau or an entire hotel designed by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, set to open in 2017. Here, we take a detailed look inside one such locale, the Wynn Macau, and its overstimulating visuals and offerings. Simple just doesn’t cut it here.


Moon Jellyfish Aquarium

Check in and check out gets hypnotic as Encore at the Wynn’s front desk has a seven-meter long aquarium filled with living, translucent moon jellyfish. These glowing creatures originate from Japan and Taiwan, and are fed four times a day.


Golden Flower

The two Michelin-starred Golden Flower restaurant serves the authentic yet very hard to come by Tan cuisine (along with dim sum from the North)—a Chinese cultural heritage that came close to disappearing. A labor- and time-intensive form of cooking that dates back to the Qing Dynasty, Tan cuisine is noted for its mellow notes that would appease both southern and northern Chinese people. And don’t forget the tea pairings throughout the meal; the dedicated in-house tea expert has prepped some of the most unique, exotic teas you’ll find—rom chrysanthemum-infused oolong tea to 30-year-old aged pu’er. Large mosaics of blooming flowers adorn the floors and the private room sliding doors, but the entrance—where glowing, upside-down teapots line the ceiling—remains most Instagrammable.


Bar Cristal

The ornate Bar Cristal, located on the ground floor of the hotel, is an enclosed space that seats only 26. The jewelry box-inspired decor and walls lined with Venetian silk create an intimate oasis away from the hubbub of gambling. Here, a cocktail is an experience, instead of just a drink. Bar Cristal’s dearest work of art is an antique 19th century Empire-style chandelier from Brussels, Belgium, and as a modern touch, the original candlesticks have been replaced with Swarovski crystals.


The Spa at Wynn Macau

The Wynn complex is gigantic enough to have two spas; one in each tower, and each offering different treatments. The Spa at Wynn is a serene indoor getaway, complete with aromatic steam room, sauna, relaxation lounge and jacuzzi. Their signature treatment, the Silk and Cashmere Awakening, is a full body experience: the skin is exfoliated and lightly massaged with silk gloves, followed by a deeper massage with warmed lotus oil, finished with a cashmere-infused silk body wrap. The afterglow (and post-treatment ginseng and detox teas) just might have you avoiding a shower for the next couple of days.

Images by Nara Shin