Auberge de l’Oumède, In the Gloaming

A hotel and restaurant hidden within one of Saint-Tropez's vineyards

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The south of France, and Saint-Tropez in particular, may seem a daunting place if you aren’t set on an exact itinerary. A harbor for some of the world’s largest yachts, a center for some of the the world’s best food and drink and Brigitte Bardot-born fame all factor into the area’s prestige and allure. In the hills of Ramatuelle, the expansive land above and around the luxe city’s world-renowned beaches, we found Auberge de l’Oumède. Situated in the midst of a vineyard, this venue can function as a comprehensive south of France experience, or act as a gateway to all that surrounds it.


This boutique establishment contains just eight rooms, but being priced at €350 per night in the high season, it’s very reasonable—for a region commanding thousands elsewhere. Each room also sits beside the glowing pool, surrounded by fields of vine and low vegetation. The restaurant seats only fifty, but between the caliber of food, reservations until 11pm and the open, outside dining experience, the charming environs know almost no end. The local meat and vegetables lend a freshness that matches the sea-air drifts. The wait staff is friendly and helpful. Naturally, seafood is always recommended, but you would be hard-pressed to find a steak as good as their filet de boeuf charolais.

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Refined, carefully maintained and all-the-while embracing the natural atmosphere of a starred-sky, grape-growth and the heady delicacy of Côte d’Azur, Auberge de l’Oumède really pulls you in. Only the the siren sounds of the Mediterranean may be able to pull you from such relaxation and stellar cuisine.

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