Spontaneous Global Travel with Booking Now

Booking.com's new iOS makes adventuring at the last minute very easy


At a rapidly increasing rate, travelers have begun booking hotel accommodation at the very last minute—with more than half of all travelers booking within a mere 48-hour window before a scheduled trip. That, coupled with the radical increase in the use of mobile bookings has led Booking.com to release a brand new iOS app: Booking Now. Booking.com happens to be the world’s largest and most frequented travel site, and with 24-hour customer service seven days a week, and more than 40 million verified guest reviews, the breadth and depth is presently unmatched. The app delivers a personalized, real-time experience. Users build a traveler profile customizing everything from price range and parking to free breakfast and WiFi. The app then churns out the most relevant options within the defined location. It’s pretty intuitive.


Booking.com also happens to be used around the globe. (The accompanying map showcases where the mobile site was accessed between 18 to 31 December 2014.) It’s their sheer amount of verified data, and the selection of over 580,000 properties, that set it apart. As a final touch to the new app, results can also be pulled based on a user’s current position—for those booking at the very last minute. The embedded GPS also offers up step-by-step street directions to the ultimate accommodation. And, as with everything else Booking.com does, there are no hidden fees. For individuals used to reserving a hotel at the last minute, the app definitely removes some of the stress in an easy, intelligent manner.

Download the Booking Now app free at the iTunes app store.

Images courtesy of Booking.com