Truly Tokyo Online Travel Guide

A straightforward website guiding first-timers and regular visitors alike around Japan's capital

Lonely Planet’s Japan, Kyoto and Discover Japan guide author Chris Rowthorn, a longtime Kyoto resident who founded Inside Kyoto, has now tackled the city that plays muse to many all over the world: Tokyo. Truly Tokyo is a new online guide, entirely written by Rowthorn himself, that services first-timers and regular visitors. It breaks some stereotypes right away: yes, you can explore a decent amount of Tokyo in a day (so plan that long layover), there are some decent budget accommodations for those who look hard enough, and while Kyoto might be more famous for its ryokans, Tokyo has a handful worth visiting too. (Be sure to check out our recent review of the dream-like Asaba Ryokan, located 90 minutes outside of the capital). Eschewing flowery descriptions and excessive photos for pared-down lists and links, Rowthorn gets straight to the point in his recommendations. The message is clear: take advantage of every precious minute you’re in the majestic city. Because your personal experience will be completely unique to anything he—or anybody else—will write.

Images courtesy of Truly Tokyo