City Guide: Mexico City

Steeped in ancient Mesoamerican history, this Latin American metropolis is a modern playground for international globetrotters

Topping several must-visit destination lists, Mexico City is clearly having a moment. But it would be remiss to think it’s purely a new crop of stylish outposts that is making this an alluring travel destination or the latest low-cost hipster haven. From the pottery- and pyramid-making Mayans who settled in the area in 250 AD, to the Aztec warriors who founded the city in 1325 (and named it Tenochtitlán), to the Spanish, who conquered and renamed it Mexico City some 200 years later, to the fight for independence in 1821 only to be soon invaded by the US—it’s Mexico City’s complex, storied past that has laid the foundation for its contemporary flavor.

Thanks to a little help from our local friends—Anagrama founder Sebastian Padilla and Futura co-founder Vicky González—we dug in and ventured to numerous places that hit the Cool Hunting mark. From an iconic late-night danceteria to where to get the best next-day tacos, stunning architecture and an educational excursion, our Mexico City Guide is off to an exciting start.

Images by Karen Day