City Guide Spotlight: Miami

Food, drink, art and more in the ever-emerging cultural capital

If their vibrant, ever-growing hotel scene is any indicator, Miami continues to boom as a destination that’s more than sunshine-soaked. The beaches are fun, but the restaurants and bars are also world-class—a product of vast cultural fusion. As the Design District grows in prestige for luxe retailers, boutiques and concept shops, the art scene continues to blossom amidst beautiful museums and galleries with forward-thinking vision. Of course, Miami’s appeal is the ability to go from excitement to ease in a matter of steps, but we’ve selected a handful of must-stop spots to add to our city guide that demonstrate the true breath and depth of the coastal “Magic City.”

Whether you’re looking for late-night tacos on Calle Ocho or a classic tasting menu at a refined establishment, Miami has it all; in this instance, Taqueria el Carnal and Alter respectively. For the cocktail-minded, both The Broken Shaker and The Corner in Downtown Miami offer unique environs for sipping exceptional drinks. And with Wynwood Walls and the Design District Palm Court not that far from one another, art and shopping easily can go hand-in-hand. All of these and more have been added to our lush list of spots, and really, they’re all worth a visit.

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Images courtesy of respective venues