City Guides Spotlight: Austin

A city that's ever-evolving but remains true to its self-proclaimed weirdness

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Austin, Texas isn’t limited to one touristic area, instead it’s a place balanced in neighborhood attractions; each area has a reason—or three—to visit. And, while it’s ever-growing and evolving, with an exponential creative influx each year, the city remains as laid-back and nontraditional (staying true to its “Keep Austin Weird” mantra) as always. Hosting some of the best fairs, festivals and music programming isn’t the be all and end all of Austin. In fact, this Texan gem offers the finest in food and culture all year.

From record stores to handmade denim to wandering around the UT Alumni Center for some Texan history and stunning architecture, our guide to Austin revolves around authenticity. The city is also a food-lover’s paradise and there’s something to satisfy every taste—from fine dining to messy BBQ. Enjoy live music and fresh farm-to-table pizza at Umami Pizzeria, dine outside on oysters at Hillside Farmacy, celebrate a special occasion at the gorgeous Jeffrey’s and fill up at Stubb’s BBQ before seeing a show at the venue’s huge outdoor amphitheater. A city that prides itself on being genuine, Austin is a place to truly be yourself and explore in any way that feels right. And, if you’re up for adventuring into something more traditionally Texas, Lockhart is just a day trip away.

Our City Guides—made possible by Lexus—pinpoint our favorites for shopping, dining and all elements of exploration in each standout city, making it a more enjoyable place for visitors and locals. Visit our guide to Austin for a new look at this destination, and keep checking back as we release other city updates.