DSPTCH Heavy Duty Travel Accessories

An American-made dopp kit and cord case for staying organized while on the road


Based in the cultural hub of San Francisco, DSPTCH designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty bags, camera straps and other lifestyle accessories that are meant to take a beating. Building on their collection of MacBook and iPad cases for travel, this month the brand introduced a couple new, purpose-specific pieces to help you remain organized while on the road. We recently spent a few weeks in the field with the ballistic mesh Dopp Kit and Cable Case and the experience has yielded nothing but positive results.

DSPTCH_Dopp.jpg DSPTCH-Cord-Case1.jpg

The Dopp Kit has more than a few useful features; though its strongest design details are a side panel that lays flat when open and a main interior compartment with three elastic slots for TSA-sized containers. The Cable Case is exactly what it sounds like as well—a smart solution to jamming cords and power bricks in your duffel bag’s nooks and crannies. The shoebox-style pouch opens entirely to reveal a single inner storage space with a total of eight similar elastic slots design for a range of cords accompanying technical equipment.

Both accessories also feature pass through exterior zippers, allowing the user quick access to certain compartments without opening the main compartment. This is especially handy for things like lip balm or phone chargers. Find more information on the newly introduced, American-made products directly from DSPTCH online; the cable case is $46 and the Dopp Kit retails for $62.

Images courtesy of DSPTCH