Campsite Booking Made Easy with Hipcamp

Figure out the ideal adventure spot with integrated maps and real-time availability


Camping is about getting away from it all: ditching the internet for a few days, embracing the wild and soaking in the sounds and views of nature. But as those who have tried planning the perfect trip know, it can be a frustrating and confusing process. The team at Hipcamp set out with a simple intention: to make it easier to discover and book campsites online—with the belief that more people hitting the outdoors makes for a happier, healthier society. Whether you’re after a water view, easy access to hiking trails or still wary after a bad experience (like staying a little too close to the latrine), Hipcamp is a sleek and surprisingly fun way to find the perfect spot.


“We’re big believers in using technology to get people away from technology,” says co-founder Eric Bach. Far more than just a booking service, Hipcamp makes it easy to find the spot that’s ideal for your needs. Each park features a few tips (like when to bring extra bug spray), a rundown of the park’s history and an extensive list of outdoor activities on offer—ranging from kitesurfing to mushroom foraging. “We have created a valuable dataset around the activities, amenities and features offered at each park and combine this with real-time availability that we’ve integrated across government agencies,” Bach explains. This real-time feature is key in locations where conditions change quickly and access to trails is often seasonal.

Currently available in select parks across California (with more states rolling out soon), Hipcamp expects to have the majority of the US to be onboard by summer 2015. Visit Hipcamp for more information and a closer look at the site’s sleek user interface.

Images courtesy of Hipcamp