The Monocle Travel Guide Series: New York

Local insights and recommendations from superb cultural reporters


Since 2007, the cultural purveyors at MONOCLE magazine have kept a bureau in New York City. During this time, they’ve explored the inner workings of a city in constant change. They’ve dug into every lifestyle sector worth exploring and presented it in their acclaimed monthly publication. Now, their up-to-date findings can be found in the comprehensive MONOCLE Travel Guide Series, published by Gestalten. The MONOCLE team has debuted their first ever guides with both London and New York City and, as residents of the Big Apple, we can attest to the value of the NYC book.


This 194-page pocket book touches upon the best of the best within the art, hotels, food, drink, retail and fitness scenes—but more than just recognizable names, there are local spots that add a layer even a longtime New Yorker could appreciate. Maps and photography add value, but a section of 12 in-depth essays fleshes out everything from the collective imagination of the city to the value of upstate New York. Regardless of neighborhood or even borough, MONOCLE has scoped it out and collected the information required for a remarkable visit to a city that might be easy to navigate, but happens to be hard to truly crack. Whether you’re looking for a hotel defined by its artistry or a cocktail on a rooftop with a view, it’s all in here.

The New York Monocle Travel Guide is available for purchase on Amazon for $13.

Images by Cool Hunting