A 21-Day Passage to Costa Rica

An immersive travel experience aimed at social transformation

It’s become common lore (and accepted by some) that it takes 21 days for an individual to form new habits. With that in mind, the team at Passage—a new travel organization dedicated to immersive experiences—has built a 21-day excursion to the Puerta a La Vida retreat in the Costa Rican wilderness. Commencing on 22 January 2016, the three founding members of Passage, along with an array of guests (there’s still space available to attend), will head to a 65-acre remote destination among dense jungles and serene waterfalls. The rest is challenge by choice. Programming ranges from daily yoga and meditation to group (organic) meals and speakers to surf breaks—but everyone is free to attend as much or as little at their leisure. The trip is all-inclusive (except for the airfare) and there’s a mission at hand “to deepen self-knowledge, evolve their notion of community and figure out how they can uniquely impact the world for the greater good,” co-founder Paul Kuhn explains to CH. Altogether, it seems like a redemptive post-New Year’s Eve experience, though the team refers to it as their first experiment.

“The three of us had recently left high-intensity, high-stress jobs and were in transition trying to figure out a deeper meaning for ourselves,” Kuhn continues. “In our careers, we had each been pursuing the idea that hard work and dedication would lead to ‘success,’ happiness and our own idea of impact. But in the end, it became clear that we were just checking boxes and not actively defining what we as individuals wanted to create with our lives.” With that as inspiration—and the notion that stepping out of one’s everyday space provides mental breathing room—they looked toward the home nation of “La Pura Vida,” Costa Rica’s motto on purity of life. As Kuhn adds, “The natural beauty and peacefulness of the place, away from the distractions of everyday life, provides the perfect setting for people to reconnect with their inner playfulness, purpose and passions.”

The thoughtful range of activities aims to contribute toward this as well. “We believe that in order to transform the world around you, you have to know and develop yourself first. All of the programming and activities are designed with this in mind,” Kuhn states. “Passage is less a group trip, and more of a life incubator where people live and work while intentionally designing the lives they seek over 21 days.” As the trip is such a personal commitment, there is an application process. Kuhn explains it best: “We want to be sure participants share the same intention going in since they will be living together in community. Vibe is very important and it’s critical to find people who are open, curious, and ready to dive in to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” For those seeking a commitment outside of the ordinary, this looks like a great opportunity.

You can apply for the 2016 Passage trip to Costa Rica online. If approved, it’s $3,750 for space within a double occupancy room or $4,850 for a single occupancy room.

Images courtesy of Passage