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For the Love of Beans


I just got back from Costa Rica and, among so many other wonderful things about this friendly country, I fell in love with the coffee. If you think you can’t live without your daily Starbucks, you’ll about lose yourself in the incredible aromas and rich flavor of Costa Rican beans. Best of all, the coffee is never bitter, unlike at our aforementioned U.S. monopoly.

In Manuel Antonio, a great area nestled between the jungle (where we got a daily dose of monkeys and iguanas) and the Pacific is Café Milagro. They roast their own beans and brew great cups at their open-air coffee shop. Not only did I eat a typical Costa Rican breakfast of arroz y frijoles con huevos every day, it’s the first time I got a proper café con leche since living in Madrid.

But all over the rest of the country, Café Britt seems the bean to get. Its ubiquity rivals Starbucks in the States but this coffee kicks the former’s ass.

Plus, Café Britt also has great coffee candies, which I didn’t discover until our last day in the San Jose airport. My faves were the Whites: roasted coffee beans covered in a sweet, white chocolate.


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