Sson 028

A new minimal fixed gear from Stockholm, complete with a travel-friendly bike crate


Following the recent success of locally-built bikes, like Pharrell-endorsed Brooklyn Machine Works
to the simple offerings from London’s Brick Lane Bikes or the exciting 14 Bike Co, this year Stockholm’s Sson introduces a Scandinavian option to the mix with its first fixed-gear bike, the 028. With whiffs of legendary Scandinavian qualities, the design features lean welds, neat lugs and minimal decals. At present it’s also only available in white, making a good blank canvas for easy customization.

Sson028-2.jpg Sson028-3.jpg

Rather than picking something off the conveyor belt of a Far East frame factory, Sson spent lots of time making the frame to their exact standards. Their site shows how they developed the angles to create a balanced bike as comfortable on the streets as it is on the track. Highlights include a custom-brake bridge, with or without mounts.


Sson028-5.jpg Sson028-6.jpg

While the bike looks and rides really tight, Sson also gives some attention to the packaging. Taking a peek out back of any average bike shop shows how much wasted cardboard and bubble wrap comes with the average bike today. Sson decided to make its packaging usable beyond basic shipping, so it doubles as a simple bike crate to make traveling with your 028 nice and easy. The brand sees the average user keenly assembling the bike straight from arrivals before setting off to explore the new destination.


Interesting as a foil to other fixed options out there, the Sson 028 is sympathetic to the roots of the track bike—slick, well built, not too shouty—just pure cycling. The 028 can be pre-ordered for €850 from Sson.