Tentipi Shelters

Quick set-up and weather-tested construction make these Swedish tents fit for the extremes or garden parties


A basic need like shelter is often best met by a simple design. Enter the nordic vibes of Tentipi, a Swedish tent company inspired by the nomadic, indigenous Sámi people’s katas—structures that can withstand the worst weather the Arctic can muster, allow for socialization and are easily set up and broken down. Founder Bengt Grahn was inspired during one memorable canoeing trip in the Lapland region of northern Sweden: the mosquitoes were out in full force and Grahn and his crew were in need of some group bonding. Unfortunately, their technical tents weren’t exactly suited for having company. With little sewing experience, Grahn set out to make shelters that could withstand the cold and create an amenable atmosphere for hanging out.

With a range of sizes and materials to suit different budgets and needs, Tentipi’s made-in-Sweden products have a continuous core theme: unyielding quality, durability and quick set-up. The standout tent is the Safir. With just a single pole and stakes for set-up, estimated time from rucksack to shelter is about five minutes. Adults can easily stand upright in the tent and the vented peak is compatibly with stoves or open fires—making this more of a portable home than a mere shelter from the elements. While each of Tentipi’s models are built for the wilderness, they’re equally suited for backyards, parties and would make for an enviable office space in milder climes.

In the US, shop Tentipi shelters online from Mansfield Outdoors, where an entry level tent starts at $864. For more information on the brand, the tents and their conservation efforts in the Arctic, check out Tentipi’s website.

Images courtesy of Tentipi