Tiktaalik’s Field Knife Set

Super-compact, chef-quality camping tools meant for travel and home

Portland, Oregon-based Tiktaalik, founded by Swedish industrial designer Carl Jonsson, is focusing on creating quality tools for enjoying adventures to their fullest, and their first product—a Field Knife Set—aims to address the lack of high-quality knives designed specifically for outdoor cooking, camping and the like. Made from a very hard Swedish Sandvik steel, the set of three Field Knives is interestingly designed without a grip, making them further lightweight and compact; there’s even a hole for easy hanging.

“The Field Knife Set design really came to life because I was frustrated that there aren’t any high-quality camping-specific knives on the market,” Jonsson tells CH. “Once you get used to a sharp, high-quality knife, it’s very difficult to use something of lesser quality.” The compact design and carrying case of this set allow you to go camping without having to worry about overpacking and, even better, it’s meant for both indoor and outdoor use to suit your lifestyle. So, whether you’re slicing a freshly caught fish by the lake or cutting up steak in your kitchen, the Field Knife Set will do the job and maintain its quality longer than other knives.

Support Tiktaalik’s Field Knife Set through their Kickstarter campaign; nab a paring field knife (weighing just 1.2 oz) for $75 with expected shipping this December.

Images courtesy of Tiktaalik