WAX + Print All Over Me Beach Kit

The bi-annual print mag collaborates on an artful bag and apparel pairing


Going to the beach can be a real process, between remembering where your beach towel and swim trunks are and figuring out what else to bring along. WAX magazine, however, wants to help ease the effort one needs to exert by way of a playful beach kit, made in collaboration with the clever minds behind DIY apparel platform Print All Over Me and artist Erin O’Keefe. Devised as a “magazine you can wear to the beach,” the project grew to include five unisex items: a T-shirt and five-panel cap to block the sun’s harsh rays, a magazine to keep you occupied, a beach blanket to lay on while you read it, and a convertible backpack-turned-tote to schlep it all in. Aside from some sunscreen, there’s not much more you need for a day on the beach.

Visit WAX online to learn more about the culturally inclined surf publication and Print All Over Me for a closer look at the beach bag project, the latter of which offers the limited edition unisex kit in individual pieces for between $60 and $110.

Image courtesy of WAX and David Brandon Geeting