Three Na Massa


Three Na Massa is a Brazilian group heavily steeped in the music of the last four decades. The debut LP borrows from styles as diverse as Bossa Nova to trip-hop. Consisting of São Paulo-residents Rica Amabis, Pupillo and Sucinto Silva, the group sought a different female vocalist to voice each song on their self-titled record. The result is a diverse disc with 13 different chantreuses interpreting music that pays homage to both João Gilberto and Serge Gainsbourg.

The dynamic between the all-male band and the harem of female singers is palpable. Even their name — which translates to "three in the dough," a Portuguese phrase for something that makes one's mouth water — is a not-so-subtle reference to the sensual themes that permeate their music and lyrics.

You can pick up their album from Amazon, and follow upcoming performances on their Myspace page. Also, check out their video above for the song "Tatui," voiced by Brazilian soap opera star Karine Carvalho.