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3DD Deluxe

The bigger and better second edition of topless women in 3D


Following the success of his first 3D breast book, Henry Hargreaves is back with 3DD Deluxe, another collection building on his deceptively simple theme: real breasts, in “even better” 3D. The compendium of un-augmented pairs comes complete with retro viewing specs to enjoy page after page of topless women. Hargreaves bumps up the quality in this edition with a new two-camera rig and better software that makes for a more life-like final product.


Having landed in New York by way of New Zealand, the photographer admits his obsession with the female form started at a young age, and his work in 3DD marks the culmination of his photographic talent and chief interest. While the last compilation featured NYC models exclusively, the deluxe edition has women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors from New Zealand, Australia, London, LA and NYC. Think of this as the hilariously inappropriate, but still artful hit at your upcoming gift exchange.


3DD Deluxe is available for $30 from Amazon. Make sure to get your daily fix of 3D breasts by following 3DD/Day and a pair of 3D aviators from the 3DD shop .


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