ANAXI Card Game + Brainstorming Tool

Jolt your creative language skills with this engaging game from Funnybone Toys

Sponsored by Funnybone Toys

Purveyors of clever and entertaining games that also exercise minds, Denver-based, award-winning Funnybone Toys, inventors of the Disruptus innovation game and a long-time favorite of Cool Hunting, has recently released ANAXI, a fun, creative, flexible game that’s educational too.

The game rewards enterprising minds and unique thought—the more creative and maybe even weird your answers are, the better. Used to kick off a team meeting or brainstorming it gets the creative juices flowing. As a family game, it allows you to help promote imagination. Between kids it’s educational fun. And as a drinking game with your friends, a great way to show off your competitive skills. The educational factor doesn’t drag the game down—rather boosts it and means that some very strange and interesting answers (and a few lively arguments) result.

The game works like this: A player selects a card from each of three differently colored and textured (for those who can’t see color) ANAXI word sets. They are then placed on the number wheel and overlapped. A simple minute timer is provided, and players then write as many things, people or places that share at least two overlapping qualities as they can muster on their piece of paper.

The adjectives range broadly—from tasty, cold and round to slow, stretchy and short and scary, pale and cuddly. The more things you can think of, the more points you get, unless, of course more than one player writes down the same entity (players get zero points for duplicates). Where else can you get algae, guacamole, jello and snakes all in one place?

Made for everyone 8 and up, ANAXI is available online for $22. Check out Disruptus and the newly released Melvin & Simon and Spirot while you are there.

Images by Cool Hunting