Andy Shauf: Try Again

Joyful and a tad flirtatious, Toronto-based Andy Shauf’s “Try Again” depicts an awkward run in with an ex. But it’s far more than a note about loneliness: Shauf does an excellent job at developing the cast of characters, an impressive feat for the just-under-four-minute track. “Somewhere between drunkenness and jealousy / I watch her talking to some old friend / What a reunion, he recognized her across the room / How many years could there be to catch up on? / And somewhere between drunkenness and honesty / I make a silent toast to the things that I do and don’t miss,” he sings. The playful, paper art video bops along to the beat. “Try Again” will appear on Shauf’s forthcoming album, Neon Skyline, out 24 January.