Art Week Miami 2010

Sixteen standout artists seen at Art Basel Miami and beyond


Save a few post-recession moments, each passing year of art-fueled events taking over Miami Beach and beyond during the first week in December seems bigger than the last. With more and more lavish parties, dinners and VIP previews surrounding the core established by Art Basel, it's easy to lose sight of the actual art within the fabulous, sun-splashed platform for marketing luxury that the experience has become. After visiting nearly all the fairs, we managed to find a few gems sourced from Nada, Basel, Pulse and Scope however—from OCD techniques to slightly goth themes, commentaries on visual culture and pop art statements—all pictured below.

Contributions from Evan Orensten and Jonah Samson

At right: "Confetti Death" (2010) by TYPOE, seen at Spinello Gallery


"The Universal Now: Trafalgar Square 1975/1971" (2010) by Abigail Reynolds, seen at Ambach and Rice Gallery (Also showing at Reynolds' first stateside solo show at Ambach and Rice, opening this Friday, 10 December 2010.)

bas2010-25.jpg bas2010-26.jpg

L: "To Be Titled" (2010) by Nick van Woert, seen at Yvon Lambert; R: "Sunken Sediment" (2010) by Jen Stark, seen at Carol Jazzar

bas2010-22.jpg bas2010-23.jpg

L: "Do it, Complete Yourself Man" (2010) by Brian Dettmer, seen at Packer Schopf Gallery; R: "Fold II" (2009) by Suzanne Song, seen at Mixed Greens

bas2010-2.jpg bas2010-3.jpg

L: "Fourth Street Flop" (2010) by Charlie Roberts, seen at Richard Heller Gallery; R: "Kaleidoscope" by Damien Hirst, seen at White Cube Gallery

bas2010-4.jpg bas2010-5.jpg

L: "Home and the World" and R: "Untitled" (both 2010) by Adam Fuss, seen at Cheim & Read Gallery

bas2010-6.jpg bas2010-7.jpg

"The Funeral Party #2" (2010) by Allison Schulnik, seen at Mark Moore Gallery


"Double Scramble" (1977) by Frank Stella, seen at Van de Weghe Fine Art

bas2010-21.jpg bas2010-12.jpg

L: "Chant 2" (1967) by Bridget Riley, seen at Art Basel; R: "Denib El Delphini" (1965) by Paul Feeley, seen at the Gary Snyder Project Space

bas2010-14.jpg bas2010-15.jpg

"Harto de adioses (de la serie)" (2010) by Adrián Villar Rojas, seen at Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte at Art Basel

bas2010-17.jpg bas2010-18.jpg

"QWERTY East" by Sarah Frost, seen at the William Shearburn Gallery at Art Miami