Scott Alger’s Light Photography


New York artist Scott Alger creates photographs using light to make a graffiti-like images. In addition to the resulting pictures, the process and performance of making the images are works of art themselves.

This past Wednesday, Scott began his new project, taking neighborhood staff from nearby bars and clubs in the Lower East Side of NY to re-create a picture out of the Rococo era using modern clothes, make-up and hair.

The lensman's idea to using light in a photograph resulted from being struck by lightening. Temporarily blinded from the electric shock, he wanted use the experience to help him heal emotionally. Scott started manipulating the image by slowing down the shutter speed on his camera and running around with light bulbs that he swirled in the air.

Two more performance shoots are in the works for this summer and a gallery show is due in the fall. To check out his work and get updates on his art, visit his website.


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A look at the wardrobe behind the scenes.