Behind the Seen


Artists best known for their work in public often have an entirely private body of work that doesn't make it out into view. Recognizing this, Michael DeFeo (the Flower Guy) assembled Behind the Seen, an international group show featuring rarely seen artwork not typically associated with the artists.

Including work from Blek le Rat, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Maya Hayuk, Caleb Neelon, Mark Jenkins, Lady Pink, Lee, Swoon, Dan Witz and many more, there are certain to be surprises in the form of work that looks quite unlike what's expect from its creator.

"I'm thrilled with this opportunity to bring old and new schools together,†says curator Michael DeFeo, “and I'm so grateful to each and every artist in this show for allowing themselves to share their lesser known works.â€

The work pictured (click for detail) is called "Fallout" and is by Caleb Neelon, who's also partly responsible for the new book Street World.

Behind the Seen
Opening Reception: Thursday, 13 December 2007, 7-9 pm
13 December 2007-15 January 2008
Ad Hoc Art
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