Be@rbrick World Tour Opens in New York


After five days of painting, the walls of Chelsea gallery GBE at Passerby were transformed into a dizzying optical illusion based on Dutch artist Delta's bold graphic design. His black and off-white pattern was one customization of 53 unique Be@rbrick 1000%s, each designed by different artists from all over the globe for The Be@rbrick Worldwide Tour. The tour kicked-off last year in Japan and, thanks to Nike sponsorship, made its U.S. premiere last night at an invite-only opening. Our team was there, following up on last week's post and capturing some of the more subtle details.


The stateside edition of the tour added 9 new designs, including one by Nike president Mark Parker who designed a purple-headed "Ratbrick." An avid collector of art and toys, it was largely Parker's influence that brought the exhibit to the U.S.

Displayed on clear acrylic swings suspended from the ceiling, the collection of 2-foot tall figures included Andre's demented looking version doused with hot pink (below) and, new to this exhibition, Kam Tang's literal-minded brick design. Also debuting, the only female artist, Yuri Shimojo, created an orchid face and painted the body wrapped in a flowing ribbon.


Running through September 25th, the show will tour elsewhere in the U.S. before it potentially goes abroad.


A miniature set with Acronym's white and black figure, Hiroshi Fujiwara's fuzzy bear-suit, the gleaming gold version by Japanese high fashion label Mastermind, Pete Fowler's clad in green and brown stripes, and Playset Production's piece labeled with "Modern Pets" bearbricks3.jpgKidrobot.

*all photos by Josh Rubin, please do not use without permission.