Bill Culbert: Light Sculpture


Pairing the humble plastic detergent bottle with the equally humble fluorescent light tube, Kiwi artist Bill Culbert's latest show features subtle re-workings of everyday objects into luminous sculptures. Arranging groups of identical empty, label-less bottles along the horizontal axis of the florescent light, his work evokes both products arranged on a shelf and the horizon line, a point he cheekily drives home with a photograph of a Dawn bottle (with the label on) illuminated by a glowing, pale gold sky in the background. The irony's not lost in his 2004 piece titled "Golden State" either, which appears to be made using empty quarts of motor oil. (Pictured above right.)

Bill Culbert: Light Sculpture
Opening reception: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 6-9pm
1 March-14 April 2007
Lincart Gallery
1632 C Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102 map
tel. +1 415 503 1981