Lucite Sculptures by Phillip Low

Sculptural wonderment wrangling light across the color spectrum


Artist Phillip Low returns to the market with four one-of-a-kind pieces. Hand-crafted from the high-grade acrylic medium Lucite, these geometric shapes manipulate their environment and dazzle with colorful light dexterity. The new 2013 pieces—called Purple Orange Clear Sculpture, Green Clear Pink Sculpture, Green Black Clear Sculpture and Blue Sculpture—reference Low’s previous acrylic explorations while bringing further dimension amid stylistic variation to his work to date.

PINK-GREEN-01.jpg PURPLE-01.jpg

Interactive, both internally and externally, every faceted surface dictates a relationship with its surrounding space. This two-fold nature functions in the sense that both light and people can play with perception. Whether left rough-hewn or polished to a sheen on select sides, all light that enters then emerges in a myriad of fashions, filtered through color and texture. Each sculpture also lacks a clearly defined bottom, and can be placed on any of its sides, further impacting the piece’s unique power to reflect or refract light.

BLUE-02.jpg GREEN-02.jpg

Low’s distinct use of plastics in the fine arts world demonstrates calculated risk-taking. The scenarios under which the pieces are created can be toxic, and the lack of malleability mean commitment to every move. To see each of the four new works in person, stop by NYC’s design shop Matter, where they retail for $750 to $1,100.

Photos courtesy of Matter