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Tronic Invitation

Bloom is a multi-media exhibition by Tronic Studio, opening on November 26 at the AQUOS Project. The AQUOS Project is a gallery that fuses the work of innovative artists with Sharp’s industry-leading AQUOS liquid crystal display televisions. Bloom is curated by Formavision.

November 26 to December 23
137 Wooster Street, New York City

Bloom has its opening night party on Dec. 1st from 7-9pm. To RSVP email with your full name. RSVP required.

As inspiration, Tronic revisited the Art Nouveau period of the late nineteenth century, an earlier attempt by artists and designers to integrate natural and organic forms with technical innovation. It was common for functional and mechanical objects to be decorated with flowering and branching vines, for example. Despite great technological advancements since then, an interesting and perhaps more nuanced relationship between nature and industry still exists.

Bloom is a multi-media installation combining the latest technologies in computerized numerically controlled milling with the AQUOS liquid crystal display televisions. With the organic represented by the sensual flow of the red tendril, and the silver symbolizing the cool and rational mechanic, Tronic’s installation articulates the merging of these two systems. Creative Director Jesse Seppi describes Bloom as a representation of “the driving forces for technology today, the balancing of organic needs with synthetic practice.”


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